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Calm your heart and mind with Bright, the biofeedback visualization App that allows you to literally see your own beating heart. Bright’s five neuroscience backed tools and techniques empower users with the ability to decrease symptoms of debilitating stress.

The App

Stress Management

Much of our neurobiological reaction to stress develops in early childhood, a time mostly left out of our conscious memories. For most, this subconscious “fight or flight” system controls us, rather than the other way around. Bright puts sufferers of stress back in control by unleashing the power of the biofeedback supported self-regulation. The result can be the first feeling of control to one’s innate reaction to stress.


How Bright Works

Bright harnesses five key biofeedback supported self-regulation tools…Heartbeat, Sights, Sounds, Movement and Breath. When used with a Bluetooth connected heart rate monitor, Bright’s colorful real time heartbeat display teaches us not only about what triggers us, but also what calms us. With regular use, we gain awareness of the rhythms of our own heart and learn how to turn an unhealthy reaction into a heart healthy response


Step One

Extreme stress is managed by a subconscious part of our brain, which means symptoms remain largely invisible. Our hearts have a direct feed to this part of our brain. In connecting to Bright’s real-time heartbeat visualization, we can see the patterned responses to stress in our daily lives.


Step Two

Neuroscience researchers explain that our brain’s neuroplasticity allows us to “rewire” our brains, but not without practice. Bright reminds us to engage in this regular practice. Research shows that even a few minutes of daily practice can have lifelong impacts on our mental and physical health.


Step Three

Our brains are hardwired for social connection. Bright’s ability to record and share your beating heart with loved ones is one way to connect. But the premium subscription provides additional connectivity features, including access to a social network of Bright users, shared goal setting, and badges. Bright’s search tools help you connect with mental wellness gurus.

Survival Kit

What Do You Need In your Mental Survival Kit?

Being prepared means being equipped with the proper mindset to stay calm in the event of an emergency or disaster. Instead of Fight, Flight or Freeze reactions, help your mind take control of your body’s autonomic nervous system and respond to stressful situations without panic and emotional flare ups.



Our heartbeat graphic provides real time feedback that lets you see how well you are able to calm your body. Seeing the impacts stress has on your heart shows just how important this practice can be. 

Mood Ring

A patented heartbeat driven “mood ring” visualization that allows you to monitor your response to stress

Breathing Ball

One of the fastest methods for calming the body is to use breath. This instantly regulates the pace and depth of your breathing, a key strategy for self-regulation.


Sounds offers an array of music and nature sounds that provide neurobiological calming effects


Sights offers video scenes that help soothe and distract from stressful environments


Movement offers information on simple techniques to trick the body into relaxing


Masterclass series offers an ongoing perspective from experts in the field of stress reduction

Social Connectivity

Social connection calms the Limbic system and is key to ongoing health and wellness. Bright’s premium subscription offers a social network for individuals and groups interested in practicing mindfulness.

Consider the needs of all family members and add supplies to your kit:

A family account allows multiple users to store heart beat data and provides personalized biofeedback



Notification systems that help family members remember to practice


Customizable heart beat visualizations appropriate for the whole family


Alarms to alert family members when they enter the high stress ‘danger’ zone


Favorite and liking features that add personalized content to broaden survival tool kit strategies

“I found the Bright app especially helpful for individuals who are not initially as interested in working on emotional regulation and traditional meditation. It pairs emotional regulation strategies with technology in a way that is engaging and helps individuals visualize their regulation process more concretely.”

— Stephanie Tam Rosas, MA, LMFT, Tierra Pacifica Charter School


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